Character Creation

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Character Creation Bonuses & Restrictions

There are several incentives to help offset the class limitations.

1.) Character Sheet
All players will be expected to keep updated physical copies of their character sheets. Obsidian Portal versions of your character sheets will be manged by the DM; updated weekly.

2.) Ability Score
Point Buy system: 25 points

3.) Race: Select a Core Race.
Alternate racial traits can be discussed; most will be permitted.

4.) Class: Select a Core Class or a Base Class.
Classes from other tables can be discussed but are discouraged.
Note: This does not apply to prestige classes. Candidly speaking, Alternate Classes are typically more difficult to integrate into a standard party and Hybrid Classes are still very new; and if you had any interest in being a Hybrid Class I’d suggest not multi-classing.

5.) Skill Ranks: Every character will be given 1 free skill point that they must commit to a skill tied in to their background character history. This can be Profession, Craft, Perform, Knowledge, or anything substantial a player can turn some attention to in their character history write-up.

6.) Feats & Traits

  • Feat: After the players have achieved 4th level, they will have the opportunity to earn a free feat by writing a brief story for their character. The feat will be selected by the DM. The idea behind this is to give a player a feat that ordinarily they wouldn’t want to commit a slot to.
  • Traits: Begin play with two traits.
    Note: The DM will also award you a third trait of their choosing after reading the player’s background character history.

7.) Hit Points: When determining hit points for levels 1 through 4, calculate at maximum value. For all subsequent levels, hit points will be rolled; 1’s will be re-rolled.

8.) Equipment

  • Starting Wealth: 1st level character starting wealth is calculated at maximum value.
    See Starting Character Wealth for more details.

Special: Players with a rank in a craft skill can create a handful of corresponding items at 50% cost when calculating starting equipment.

Character Creation

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